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Snow Blind

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Since the founding of Starr Hill Brewery in 1999, we have always been connected with the music scene. We want nothing more than to enhance the lives of others by providing quality beverages alongside any concert or event. Next time you’re diggin’ on some music, grab a Starr Hill brew, it was made for it.

Welcome To Hoonah at the Starr Hill Tap Room JUKE JOINT JUNKIES @ The Starr Hill Tap Room


Dec 31
New Year’s Eve ft. Love Canon

New Year’s Eve ft. Love Canon

w/ No BS! Brass Band & Grits and Gravy

@ The Jefferson Theater

The Jefferson Theater is pleased to announce that for New Year’s Eve 2014, we’re turning the

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Jan 09
Starr Hill Spotlight at American Tap Room
Jan 30
Westover Market Tap Invasion

Westover Market Tap Invasion

@ Westover Market

Tasting Room

Don't forget our Tasting Room is open Wednesdays through Sundays for tastings, tours and pints. Stop by to see what's on tap and enjoy some fresh Starr Hill beer!

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