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Recommend Starr Hill's Lucy

Lucy is my delight.

Mark Thompson

Master Brewer


Spiced Golden Ale

Lucy is a light English summer ale, spiced with ginger, lime, and coriander. It will remind you of warm summer nights on the beach.


Malted Barley:   Two Row & Wheat
Kettle Hops:   Cascade
Yeast:   Top Fermenting Ale Yeast


Flavor:   Lime, Coriander & Ginger
Color:   Gold
Style:   Spiced Golden Ale
IBUs:   15
ABV:   4.4%

Other Info

Availability:   Seasonal
Release Date:   March 01, 2009
Draught:   1/2 Barrel, 1/6 Barrel
Package:   4/6 LNNR