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Monticello Reserve Ale

Monticello Reserve Ale is inspired by what was produced and consumed regularly at Monticello.

Mark Thompson

Master Brewer

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Apr 03
Cheers For Charity: April

Cheers For Charity: April

@ Starr Hill Brewery Tap Room

Apr 23
Ladies Night at the Starr Hill Tap Room
May 02
Travis Book Live in the Starr Hill Tap Room

Monticello Reserve Ale

Colonial Style Ale

Monticello Reserve Ale is an unfiltered American wheat-style beer made with wheat and corn. East Kent Goldings hops add a citrus and earthy aroma. The taste is very light on the palate with a clean finish. Wheat is the biggest flavor contributor, while the sweetness of the corn comes through in the aftertaste.


Malted Barley:   Malted Wheat, Torrified Wheat, & Flaked Corn
Kettle Hops:   East Kent Goldings
Yeast:   Ale Yeast


Flavor:   Light wheat with a touch of corn
Color:   Golden
Style:   Colonial Style Ale
IBUs:   27
ABV:   5.5%

Other Info

Availability:   Reserve
Release Date:   February 21, 2011
Draught:   1/2 Barrel, 1/6 Barrel (Limited Quantities)
Package:   N/A


2011 Silver Medal

Great American Beer Festival