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Psycho Kilter

Qu'est-ce que c'est - We invite you backstage with Starr Hill--experience the All Access lifestyle with our new beer series for 2013.

Mark Thompson

Master Brewer

Psycho Kilter

Wee Heavy

Starr Hill’s Psycho Kilter Wee Heavy is characterized by its huge malty nose with hints of roastiness. A full, sweet palate with very little hops, this high-gravity brew is the Scots’ unique specialty.


Malted Barley:   Two Row, Caramel, Wheat, Chocolate
Kettle Hops:   Centennial, Willamette, Cascade
Yeast:   Ale Yeast


Flavor:   Dominated by a smooth, sweet maltiness, balanced with low, but perceptible, hop bitterness
Color:   Mahogany
Style:   Scottish Style Heavy Ale
IBUs:   24
ABV:   9.3%

Other Info

Availability:   Limited Release
Release Date:   January 01, 2013
Draught:   1/2 Barrel, 1/6 Barrel
Package:   22 oz. Bottle